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На подготовленную основу положить бекон. Сверху разместить нарезанный ранее овощ. Разделить поровну для каждого бутерброда.


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Облицевать/отделать стены, потолок и пол. Все, что касается покрытия поверхностей выбранными смесями, обоями, красками, побелкой, исполняется на данном этапе.

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Для приготовления утренней пищи подходят яйца, крупы, фрукты, кисломолочные продукты. Чтобы вы потратили минимум времени, выбирали самые быстрые рецепты.


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п»їBuy clinic ace weed killer.
Clinic Ace is a foliar acting total weed killer. Once sprayed the active substance in Clinic Ace enters the plant and is translocated throughout the leaves, stem and root system where it blocks important chemical processes and the plant goes into decline and dies, this process can take up to three weeks for the chemical to do its job.
Clinic Ace is a robust and flexible total weedkiller. There are several tips to get the top performance from this product.
Always allow a good drying time for Clinic Ace. The ideal drying time should be a minimum of six hours between spraying and rainfall. If rainfall occurs in less than six hours, Clinic Ace activity could be reduced. Clinic Ace is a very robust formulation and it usually works well even if rainfall occurs earlier than expected Do not spray onto weeds which are already dying back due to natural senescence Do not apply in a drought or extreme hot temperatures Perennial weeds such as Couch must be healthy and actively growing with 4-5 leaves and 10 cm or more of new growth Broadleaved weeds must have at least 2 expanded true leaves and be actively growing Annual grasses must have at least 5 cm of leaf and be actively growing Do not spray in prolonged frosty weather where weed growth has been completely halted. Clinic Ace can be used where frosts are ligfht and intermittent Cold, humid, dull conditions are ideal for Clinic Ace.
Available in 5L or 1L.
By ordering this item you confirm that you are the owner or keeper of livestock. We can only supply this product to the United Kingdom.
As your order contains POM-VPS medicine you may receive a telephone call so that we can confirm the order. Please ensure we have your contact details, a mobile telephone number is always helpful. We reserve the right not to supply any medicine at our own discretion.
пїЅThe Supply Chain Development Programme is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) . Further information on the programme is available at пїЅ.
Copyright В© East Down Farmers Address: 20 Tullynaskeagh Road, Downpatrick, BT30 7EU, Co. Down, Tel: 02844 841463 Fax: 02844 843210.

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п»їTucson Medical Marijuana Card.
_Tucson residents diagnosed with qualifying medical conditions can apply for medical marijuana cards under the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program. Qualified patients, who are minors, must designate their parents or legal guardians as caregivers. To obtain medical marijuana cards in Tucson, patients must obtain written certifications for medical cannabis from licensed medical practitioners. _.
Do I Need to See a Doctor for a Medical Marijuana Card in Tucson?
Yes. Per Arizona Administrative Code (A.A.C), R9-17-202, qualifying patients must visit licensed physicians to obtain written certifications recommending them for medical cannabis before applying for medical marijuana cards. In Tucson, only doctors of medicine, osteopathic medicine, homeopathic physicians, and naturopathic physicians with valid licenses can issue written certifications for medical marijuana treatment. Qualifying patients can meet their physicians in person or via telemedicine to receive certifications for medical cannabis.
How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Tucson.
To apply for Tucson medical marijuana cards, qualifying patients must complete their applications online and upload the necessary documents. Required documents include proof of identity, proof of Arizona residency, and a government-issued identification card. They must also upload the Physician's Certification Form and a completed Patient Attestation Form.
Caregivers must apply for their Tucson MMJ cards by mail. In addition to the supporting documents, they must submit Fingerprint Verification Forms and completed Medical Marijuana Caregiver Attestation Forms to the ADHS. Applications for designated caregiver MMJ cards should be mailed to:
Arizona Department of Health Services.
_ATTN: Marijuana Department _.
Phoenix, AZ 85005.
How to Get Tucson Medical Marijuana Card Online.
Qualifying medical cannabis patients with written certifications from their physicians can apply for Tucson MMJ cards online on the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) website. They must upload the required documents and pay the processing fees.
How Long Does Tucson Medical Marijuana Card Last?
Tucson MMJ cards are valid for two years. Patients must commence the renewal process at least 90 days before expiration.
How Much Does it Cost to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Tucson?
Tucson medical marijuana cards cost $150 for qualifying adult patients and $350 for patients who are minors. It costs $75 and $275 for adult and juvenile patients participating in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). The cost of a medical marijuana renewal application is the same as the initial application.
Can Minors Get Medical Marijuana Cards in Tucson?
Yes. Minors with qualifying medical conditions can apply for medical marijuana cards through their parents or legal guardians, who must serve as their designated caregivers. Arizona law requires that a patient under 18 obtain a second physician's written certification.
How to Renew Medical Marijuana Card in Tucson.
Tucson’s medical marijuana card renewal process is similar to the initial application. Qualifying patients must log in to the ADHS portal and upload their current physician certification, passport photograph, and Attestation Form. Also, in the event of a name change since the previous applications, patients must upload copies of their new identification cards.
Does Tucson Accept Out-of-State MMJ Cards?
Tucson offers limited medical marijuana reciprocity to visiting cannabis patients. Licensed dispensaries in the city do not accept medical marijuana cards issued outside Arizona. However, patients with active MMJ cards issued in other states can possess up to 70 grams of medical cannabis without legal repercussions in Tucson.

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Welcome to Smiley Seeds where you choose how many seeds you want to buy. No fixed pack sizes, no middlemen, no BS, you get what you pay for - great genetics at awesome prices.
Fast Flowering.
Trending Strains.
Pink Zookies.
Pink Cookies x Animal Blues.
Butterscotch x Mochi.
Mad Sherbert.
Rainbow Sherbet x Madman OG.
Forbidden Berries.
Fordidden Fruits x Goudaberry.
Signup to our newsletter!
YES THAT’S THE ANSWER! Smiley Frequently Asked Questions.
Got a question? A query? A desire to know more? A Smiley FAQ, if you will. Then look no further, my FAQs which you’ll find below should answer just about anything and everything you need to know. If I’ve happened to miss something, then no worries, just get in touch with me directly and I’ll get that answered for you!
Can I buy weed seeds if I’m not 18? No! And you shouldn't be reading this either. Smileys Seeds is a South African seed bank that specialises in the sale of high-quality cannabis seeds, aka dagga seeds, weed seeds, marijuana seeds or beans. I almost forgot; I have some really dope merch on its way too. Got any cool suggestions? I'm all ears. Because I want to. My mission is to make A-1 quality cannabis seeds of awesome genetics readily available for all South African adults to grow at home. Smiley’s is that candy store where you grab a bag at the door and fill up with as much weed seeds as you like! I charge per bean no matter how many you take. For now, as many as you want. My advise, keep it tidy and out of site. That’s a tough one to answer. I guess with the current state of affairs, since the ruling, it’s all up to interpretation. You are allowed to grow in your home, you need seeds to do that! That’s where I come in. Hiding behind selling bird seed and souvenirs doesn’t fly in South Africa. Anyone telling you they imported seeds legally in sealed breeders packs is also lying. Seeds need to be inspected before leaving a country and on arrival in South Africa so how would that work? I have friends in Europe and the US. No name dropping here nor do the breeders want me shouting out their names from rooftops. I refer to them as a collective let’s leave it at that. I do not buy or sell what’s commonly referred to as “bulk seed” from unknown sources. I know where my beans are from, how and who made them. I’m not greedy! My seeds are sourced direct from my friends, the breeders. No middlemen! I charge one fixed cost per seed no matter the quantity. I do not wholesale. I do not charge pack size prices. I buy bakkie loads of seeds at better prices and pass the saving onto my loyal fan base. And you’re also not paying for the Gucci brand name but still getting the same great quality beans. What? I do offer a *germination guarantee. The excuse that it is always the grower’s fault is bs and does not fly with me. Keep it simple, follow my germination for dummies *guide and you’ll be good to grow. Hell no! I’ve already slashed the prices down to rock bottom. My misses will have me and my plants out on the street. It all comes down to the breeding process. The quality of the genetics used. The age of the seeds. How the seeds have been stored. Bottom line, know your seed plug! Always do your homework. Do not get caught with your pants down - you don’t want to end up buying bird seed, old seeds, seeds that banana (hermi), or seeds that have been sitting in a shop display cabinet. It’s not rocket science. Maintain a constant cool temperature between 4 and 11 degrees with little to no humidity and in the dark. Avoid heat, water, and light. If stored optimally, seed germ rates will only start to drop off after 3 to 5 years. Seeds of 10 plus years have been known to germinate. Put the little guys with silica gel packs in a rubber sealed glass jar or lock Tupperware container in a cool dark cupboard/fridge. If you find yourself with a boat load of seeds, get a lab fridge from my friends at Minus 40. How the seeds were bred and their genetics will impact both size and colour of the seed. Seeds come in different sizes and shades of brown to black and tiger’s eyes. I dont sell smaller white, grey or green immature seeds. My seeds are meticulously checked twice. If you find an immature seed please contact me immediatly. I’m not in the habit of selling bag seed. I only sell feminized seeds so there is no chance that my teammates sent you an incorrect reg seeds. So it’s down to environmental stress that may have caused a female plant to Hermie, with heat spots under grow lights being the main cause. Also, the freak 1 in 2500 Autos seeds are male, consider yourself lucky if you have one. Because my seeds are the bomb! They deliver as advertised if grown under optimal conditions. The proofs in the flower. The details about my cannabis seeds come directly from my breeder friends. They nurtured these plants indoors under optimal conditions. Consider it a helpful guide for choosing a strain, but please be aware that I'm not liable if the strain doesn't meet your expectations. I am confident that you are going to be super stoked with the end results. Smiley Seeds is a proudly South African cannabis seed bank. If you’re in South Africa I’ll get you your seeds asap! It took me a great deal of effort to get the seeds into SA, so no I don’t send orders outside of our borders, if you want my seeds you will need to arrange for a friend to forward them onto you. No but I'm more than happy to connect you to a local crew that does. MOQ's apply. Please respect their time . Due to popular demand, I've allowed my trusted inner circle to spread the love with 3+1 Smiley Seed Packs. The +1 is on me in case of any non germs with all things living it can happen. More importantly, I only guarantee seeds bought directly from me here. Technically speaking yes as cannabis seeds do not contain THC making them a hemp product. But if you are referring to industrial hemp seeds sold by the kilogram, not a chance you will find that here.
Smiley's Lingo, that may be of some help.
Auto-flowering Autos cannabis strains automatically switch from vegetive growth to flower stage based on age with most strains finishing within 70 days from seed. Cannabis strains that respond to light cycles with marked changes in their growth. The flowering stage occurs naturally when plants receive less than 12 hours of light a day. Fast flowering strains are a cross of a photo fem and an auto fem. FASTS respond to light cycles and have a week or two shorter flowering time compared to the original strain. Reg seeds are as nature intended with a 50% chance of emerging either as male or female plant. Fem seeds produce female fruit bearing plants only. Seedless cannabis from a female cannabis plant that was not pollinated. Enjoy greater potency, effect, taste and aromas. A girly boy! When a female cannabis plant develops both boy and girl private parts. It will self-pollinate and pollinate cannabis plants around it. Cause, bad jeans or environmental stress, mainly heat and light. Are terms used to describe a cannabis plant stature, short or tall, thin or wide leaf’s. Somewhere along the way effect, taste and aroma got thrown into the mix. How that exactly works I don’t know.
SA Cannabis Regulations Update.
Where we @ with the South African state of nations cannabis regulations.
What's potting with the SA law? Cape High Court ruling, 31 March 2017, Gareth Prince, Jeremy Acton, and Jonathan Rubin before the Western Cape High Court, Judge Dennis Davis Judge Davis ruled that any law disallowing the use and cultivation of cannabis by an adult in a private dwelling was unconstitutional and therefore invalid, on the grounds that such infringement of the constitutional right to privacy could not be justified. However due to appeals from the state, this decision needed to be confirmed by the Constitutional Court before taking effect. The court also ruled that, in the interim, prosecutions related to the transgression of the laws in question should be stayed. The judge further ordered that “it will be deemed to be a defence that the use, possession, purchase or cultivation of cannabis in a private dwelling is for the personal consumption of the adult accused”. After hearing all appeals in the Constitutional Court during the month of November 2017, the panel announced their decision to reserve judgment in the matter until further notice.
ARRESTS BY THE SOUTH AFRICAN POLICE SERVICE FOR CANNABIS -RELATED MATTERS A-H1. Following the 2018 Constitutional Court judgment in the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development and Others v Prince; National Director of Public Prosecutions and Others v Rubin; National Director of Public Prosecutions and Others v Acton and Others [2018] ZACC 30, there appears to be confusion as to the ARRESTS BY THE SOUTH AFRICAN POLICE SERVICE FOR CANNABIS -RELATED MATTERS legal position in relation to cannabis. In short, possession, use and cultivation of cannabis by an adult, for personal consumption, in private, is permitted. In contrast, dealing in cannabis is not permitted therefore commercialisation of cannabis is still not legal in South Africa. Following the order of the Constitutional Court, the definition in section 1 of the Drugs and Trafficking Act, No. 140 of 1992 has been expanded as follows:
"deal in", in relation to a drug, includes performing any act in connection with the transhipment, importation, cultivation other than the cultivation of cannabis by an adult in a private place for his or her personal consumption in private, collection, manufacture, supply, prescription, administration, sale, transmission or exportation of the drug. 2. Cannabis is still listed as an undesirable dependence producing substance in Part Ill of Schedule 2 of the Drugs and Drug Trafficking Act. Despite this, licenses or permits are, in certain circumstances, granted by the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) and the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development (DALRRD) permitting cannabis cultivation for medical research purposes or the cultivation of hemp (low THC cannabis) for limited purposes. 3. There is currently no legislation that prescribes what quantities of cannabis may be possessed or cultivated in order to comply with the Prince judgement. There is also no legislation that allows for a presumption of dealing where cannabis quantities above a certain threshold is found in the possession of a person. As a result, the amount of cannabis found in the possession of a person for private consumption, in private or for cultivation cannot be used by a member to presume that the person is in fact dealing in cannabis. 4. Since there is no definition or quantification of the concept of "personal consumption", the South African Police Services is at risk if they arrest a person for possession, use or cultivation and such matter is not enrolled, struck off the roll, or otherwise does not result in prosecution. This exposes the SAPS to civil claims for unlawful arrest and detention.
ARREST BY THE SOUTH AFRICAN POLICE SERVICE FOR CANNABIS-RELATED MATTERS 5. Whenever a member has a suspicion of, or reasonable rounds in relation to an offence involving cannabis, the suspect, like any other suspect, must be treated with dignity and in compliance of the prescripts laid down by the law, including the Bill of Rights in Chapter 2 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996. All lawful means of securing the accused's attendance at trial, such as a summons or written notice, need to be considered before resorting to arrest and detention. For purposes of a summons or written notice, the name, residential address, occupation and status for the accused must be obtained to ensure his or her appearance at an identified court on a specific court date. A criminal case docket must be registered and the cannabis or any other exhibits must be seized and booked into the SAPS 13.
5.1. Before arresting alleged cannabis offenders and the seizure of their property proceed, members of the SAPS should liaise with the prosecuting authority, where possible, to determine whether the matter will be enrolled and prosecuted. It is also advisable to obtain a search and seizure warrant beforehand, before such operations are conducted. This will ensure that the process is subject to judicial oversight and the rule of law.
6. No arrests are to be made for personal and private cultivation and/or or possession of cannabis, which activities are not criminal. Furthermore, no arrests of alleged cannabis offenders should be effected merely for the reason to achieve pre-determined targets and without assurance that there is indeed a crime that will be enrolled and prosecuted by the National Prosecuting Authority. 6.1 A private space is any space that the public does not have access to as a matter of right, for example:
6.1.1 a physical barrier preventing access is not a requirement of a private space.
6.1.2 a person does not need to be the owner of a space for it to be their private space.
6.1.3 cannabis is privately possessed if hidden from view when carried in public. The inside of a motor vehicle is a private space.
6.1.4 cannabis dispensed by a traditional, cultural, or religious healer in small quantities is privately and personally possessed; and 6.1.5 more than one person may have ownership rights to personal and private cannabis. 7. This circular must be brought to the attention of all members under your command against their signature and filed as proof that such members familiarised themselves with the content of this circular. Any enquiries in relation to this circular should be directed to.
Brigadier NF van Graan, at: 082 779 8662 or Brigadier MD Bobie, at: 079 527 3846 of the Division: Legal Services. Alternatively, any member of Legal Services responsible for provincial operational legal assistance may be contacted in this regard. 8. Failure of a member to comply with these instructions may result in disciplinary steps. 1-J.1. For your information.
The bill has made it through the various levels of politicking and debate and has landed on Uncle Cyril’s table for signing. So any day now we will hear if and when the Bill will become law. So what does the bill say? Here’s my take away:
THE GOOD! YES! • The new Cannabis Definition seems to allow trading in seeds, clones and seedlings • Growing at home and in private, no plant limits • Partake in a private space, no limits.
THE BAD! NO! • Trading in flower, concentrates, edibles, or any products derived from flower. • Driving under the influence of THC.
THE UGLY! • Private Members Clubs could eIectively become illegal, depending on the Minister’s further regulations and the Police interpretation.
We asked OhHighMarc420 to drop the terpenese and give us some legalese and this is what we got:
The Bill has undergone several changes, with the most recent being stripped of most of the highly debated issues, including plant limits/counting and the traditional and cultural exemptions.
1. Cannabis has an updated definition: ‘‘cannabis’’ means the flowering or fruiting tops of a cannabis plant and includes products made therefrom, but excludes any seed, seedling, the stalk, leaves and branches without any fruit or flower, and the roots of a cannabis plant, including products made therefrom.
2. “Private Place” has also now been defined: ‘‘private place’’ means- (a) any place, including a building, house, room, shed, hut, tent, mobile home, caravan, boat or land or any portion thereof, to which the public does not have access as of right; and (b) any part or portion of communal land as defined in section 1 of the Communal Land Rights Act, 2004 (Act No. 11 of 2004), which, in terms of the rules or custom of a community or the standard rules contemplated in section 19(5) of that Act, is a place which is exclusively used to cultivate or use cannabis in a private place, by an adult person as a member of such a community;
3. No plant limits have been included and there are currently no limits on the amount of cannabis that is considered personal use. However, in Paragraph 6 , a provision is made for the Minister to create regulations around this. Such regulations will need to be approved by parliament.
4. Lastly, this bill amends certain other existing laws when it comes into operation. I have one concern;
The amendments to the National Road Traffic Act , 93 of 1996, references to THC have been added, and the eIect of these additions is that anyone who is in the driver seat of a vehicle who has THC in their blood is now guilty of an oIense which could result in 2 years of prison.
This is a big problem because THC remains present in my your blood long after consumption. This amendment eIectively make it illegal to drive for 2 months after a sesh with no consideration for actual impairment or existing science relating to cannabis intoxication and impairment.
The bill needs to be signed, and published in the gazette to be made law. Until then we operate on the basis set out in the Prince case (Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development and Others v Prince (Clarke and Others Intervening); National Director of Public Prosecutions and Others v Rubin; National Director of Public Prosecutions and Others v Acton (CCT108/17) [2018] ZACC 30; 2018 (10) BCLR 1220 (CC); 2018 (6) SA 393 (CC); 2019 (1) SACR 14 (CC) (18 September 2018) ( and the Police Directive (Arrests-by-the-South-African-PoliceService-for-Cannabis-Related-Matters23082023.pdf (
These are the only laws that have been passed. Do not allow yourself to be fooled by social media or misleading headlines.

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